Kuesa 3D Licensing

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Kuesa 3D Studio full license

Kuesa offers a comprehensive and straightforward licensing model.

  • One license per specific project
  • Unlimited number of designers or developers
  • No per-device royalties (runtime fees) or limitations on the deployment platforms
  • Perpetual and subscription options available

Distribution rights are applied per project and can be acquired at any time before product release. This means you can start using Kuesa 3D Studio and buy distribution rights at the most suitable point for your project budget.

The commercial license terms are here.

Kuesa 3D Studio eval license

The free of charge 30-day evaluation license of Kuesa 3D Studio gives you time to see if the technology fits your needs. The evaluation license contains everything from the full main product, except for distribution rights.

Kuesa 3D glTF2 Library

Forming the library part of the main product, this is useful for developers who already have a GLTF2 model/asset and only want to load it into their application.

You may need to download an existing plugin for your 3D design tool to export to glTF 2.0, as it is not included in the Kuesa 3D glTF2 Library.

This library is available under AGPL and commercial license.

The source code is available on our github repository.

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