Kuesa 3D is a complete design-to-code workflow solution for 3D in real-time applications. It saves your team a lot of time and allows your projects a faster time-to-market. To assure independence from particular platforms Kuesa uses the open glTF™ 2.0 format supported by Blender, Maya, 3ds Max and others. Contact us for a free 30-day evaluation.

Kuesa 3D for designers

Kuesa 3D makes designers’ lives much easier. It seamlessly integrates into your favorite design tool, like 3ds Max® Maya or Blender, adding new features: e.g. Material support, feature enablers and glTF™ exporter. You stay in control of your design during the whole development process. Changes can easily and quickly be added to the 3D application via glTF 2.0 exporter.

Kuesa 3D for developers

Kuesa 3D lets developers focus on ... development! With Kuesa 3D you keep full control of the workflow and get the tools to preview, condition, sanity check and optimize assets. Extensions for importing glTF™ files let you seamlessly integrate your 3D or hybrid 2D / 3D Qt application. PBR materials are supported, including an optimized default frame graph (high level OpenGL pipeline configuration description), giving full access to the scene items via collections.

Is Kuesa 3D for my team?

Does your project require coordination between multiple 3D designers and developers? Does your process involve many time consuming iterations of a design? Does your product have model variations and adjustments needing speedy design and development? Do the workflow communications between your designers and developers need improving?

Find out how Kuesa 3D's unique design-to-code workflow can help you.

How to get started with Kuesa 3D?

Kuesa 3D Studio is available under both an AGPL and commercial license. The latter includes support from the developers of Kuesa 3D. Ask us for a free 30 day eval license.


This robot arm is a demo that @KDAB developed using Kuesa. It's controlling a music box with animation imported by Kuesa 3D directly from @Blender via #GLTF2

Presented by Paul Lemire, Qt 3D contributor and 3D graphics enthusiast working at KDAB. #kuesa3d


A preview of #Kuesa3D running on #Qt6 and #Qt3D.

#3Dnews #3Ddesign #animation #3dengine

Kuesa isn't just a 3D engine - it is the connection between developer and designer allowing them to work together by focusing on their area of expertise.

Fast workflow and less tools saves time and money. #3Dnews #Qt3D #3Ddesign #animation #3dengine

Optimize #workflow and #runtime performance! Kuesa 3D helps designers and developers collaborate more efficiently. #Kuesa3D #3Dnews #3dgraphic #qtdev

Learn more🔗https://youtu.be/JoxXn4y9OBc

Hello World - Welcome to the new Kuesa Twitter account. Here we'll share the latest news, useful tutorials, and interesting insights from the 3D development industry. Stay tuned! #3D #3Dnews #workflow #realtimerendering #animation

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What is Kuesa 3D? Project lead, Timo Buske, gives an overview of what Kuesa 3D is and the 3D design/development issues that it sets out to solve.
This is an example our team developed using KUESA™ 3D. It's a robot arm controlling a music box with animation imported by Kuesa 3D directly from Blender via GLTF2
Conventional 3D design and development workflows can be very time consuming due to complex iteration loops. In this video you learn how and why KUESA™ 3D Studio makes your 3D design workflow much more efficient.
The new Iro Materials provide an intuitive/artistic way of working, for designers. Full integration into DCC tools like Blender gives you exact WYSIWYG already in the stage of asset creation and lets the designer examine the final visual result during modeling.