The benefits of glTF 2.0

- and how they make your 3D workflow more efficient and reliable

glTF 2.0 (GL Transmission Format) is an open format that helps you to efficiently transmit and load 3D scenes and models into engines and applications. It is an integral part of the KUESA 3D workflow as it allows you to use KUESA 3D together with most of the common 3D design tools, e.g. Blender, Maya or 3dsMax.

In this article you learn more about the most important features of glTF.


A glTF contains the entire 3D scene description.

There’s no need for proprietary external level editor. So due to its flexibility it becomes an important part of the 3D workflow acting as generic container for our 3D data.

glTF splits up "scene description" and "big data".

The scene description goes to a JSON file (human readable). Big data like meshes and animations are stored in binary files. The format of those binary buffers allows you to load them directly to GPU. This means loading becomes much faster than parsing other formats and converting on loading.

glTF is extensible.

In Kuesa 3D Studio this allowed us to implement Kuesa-specific features, like custom materials (Iro materials), Kuesa layers. In order to export them from Maya or Blender glTF needs to know about those features, so we extended the format to our needs.

It is an open format.

With glTF you are not married to a particular proprietary tool or format. Users can work with scenes built for KUESA 3D using other renderers, or vice versa, work with any glTF exports using KUESA 3D.

Regardless of technical aspects, glTF is backed up by Khronos and it is the de facto industry standard format for 3D.

glTF comes with a big list of features that are already supported by default:

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