An Industrial Strength Vulkan 3D Engine

Kuesa 3D engine is a lightweight, performant Vulkan 3D integration for Embedded and Cross-platform applications. It is tailored to the needs of developers who want to integrate high performance 3D into their 2D embedded or cross-platform UI, but would prefer to avoid the complexity of a full-scale 3D game engine.

Building a full 3D engine involves the non-trivial effort of turning 3D assets into a smoothly running and bug-free application. Kuesa 3D engine provides a powerful drop-in solution that avoids the need to create your own 3D Engine and simplifies the entry bar to including 3D in your 2D application.

Kuesa 3D offers the following advantages:

  • Performance: Kuesa 3D Engine has been optimized to give high performance.
  • Low overhead: The lightweight Kuesa 3D engine is optimized just to deliver 3D in your app. It does not carry the unnecessary overhead of game-based 3D Engines
  • Open standards: Vulkan, the modern standard for high-performance 3D graphics, along with pure C++ and gLTF2 are all available as open standards - no licensing tie-in.
  • Supports IRO Materials: a catalog of materials that can simulate common surface properties (such as reflections, clear-coated paint, and transparency). They give great looking results without the GPU overhead of PBR, as well as being easier to tweak and more intuitive for designers.

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