Kuesa 3D is now Vulkan based

Version 2.0 released
June 30, 2022 Don Tait 0 comments

We just released Kuesa 3D 2.0, a major update that now includes a new lightweight, high performance Vulkan 3D engine. Kuesa 3D is a software toolkit tailored for developers and designers who need to easily integrate high performance 3D into 2D embedded or desktop UI.

Developers get a high-level API to control all aspects of both scene graph and frame graph. Designers get a seamless way to integrate their preferred designer tool (e.g. Blender, 3ds Max and Maya) and the target development framework. Design changes and variations are exported directly via glTF 2.0 format without developers needing to reprogram alterations.

Kuesa 3D on embedded

Kuesa 3D's new Vulkan 3D engine is a solution for integrating 3D on embedded devices. It is built with Vulkan, C++ and glTF2, all available under open standards and can be easily dropped into 2D UI frameworks.

Developing your own low-footprint Vulkan 3D engine is a non-trivial task. With the Kuesa 3D engine, the hard part is already done. The engine is designed specifically for integrating 3D in applications, meaning you don't have to work with the heavy footprint and unused features involved in repurposing a 3D game engine.

New features in Kuesa 3D 2.0 include:

  • a new Vulkan 3D engine
  • framework support for DearImGUI, RML UI, Qt 6, includes ability to run on its own
  • a new pure C++ glTF2 importer

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