Save Time with Kuesa 3D Studio’s glTF 3D Editor Tool

September 7, 2021 Ann Fernandes 0 comments

Historically, developers have had to have the designers ship out each part of a 3D scene in a separate file, load all the parts individually, and then manually re-assemble the parts themselves. This was a lot of work, which has been substantially reduced with Kuesa 3D Studio and the reliance on the glTF 3D file format.

Kuesa 3D Studio’s glTF Editor tool saves lots of time in the design to development workflow, allowing developers to load glTF files that have been exported from blender(the designer’s 3D authoring tool), preview the content and find the part they want to work with from a list of part names. Once they know the name of a part, it can be used to retrieve and manipulate that object or start animations defined in the glTF.

In this video, Paul Lemire of KDAB shares a few of his favorite features of glTF Editor:

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